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Libby & Cal

photo: Curtis Perry

original acoustic music

She plays an autoharp she bought on Kijiji. He plays a 12-string he swapped for a bicycle. Together, Libby & Cal perform eclectic but surprisingly catchy indie-folk music. The Ottawa-based duo’s second album, “If You've Given up on Love, then Let's Call it Something Else,” has been played on independent radio stations in Canada and the US, and charted at #4 on Nanaimo's CHLY. They are currently recording their third album.

"Really strong, unsentimental songwriting (mostly by Libby Hortop) that is very refreshing; sometimes surprising, sometimes funny and on this album, engaged in exploring alternate ways of conducting relationships. Great singing and imaginative harmonising that is always compelling in its own right. And is there any other duo in this world that uses autoharp and 12 string guitar? I think not. Libby and Cal unswervingly do their own thing and it is great."

- James Stephens

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