The shimmer of autoharp + capo'd 12-string is otherworldly.

- Patrick Hutchinson

This is a case where one plus one is definitely more than two.

- Chris White

Their harmonies wove seamlessly through each song.

- Greg Kelly

Libby & Cal is an Ottawa-based folk duo consisting of Libby Hortop (autoharp and vocals) and Cal Tranner (12-string and vocals).




In 2014, Libby Hortop bought an autoharp off Kijiji on a whim, and learned to play it in the simplest, most uninhibited way possible.


Prior to this, she had studied music at McGill, and spent many a night lugging her heavy electric piano to gigs. Under the name Elizabeth Bruce she released two albums of original music: As We Sadden Each Other to Sleep and The Silent I Know.


When she teamed up with seasoned guitarist and singer Cal Tranner, Libby & Cal was born. Their jangly strings and smooth vocal harmonies combine to create a unique but accessible sound.



Since the age of four, Cal (AKA Doug Hendry) has been 

entertaining crowds with his musical talent, singing in a choir in his native Scotland. As a teenager, the 12 string guitar beckoned, and he made his way playing street corners and folk clubs throughout Britain and Europe. Cal emigrated to Canada in 1991 and played regularly in various bands including Odd One Out, Fiddlehead Soup, and Tripoly. He has been known to encourage total strangers to dance together by calling at renaissance and ceilidh dances.


Libby and Cal met at a pagan festival in 2015, where Fiddlehead Soup was playing. Cal invited Libby to be an extra in a music video, which sadly never got made. The two corresponded for several years before becoming musical partners in 2018. Since then they have played countless open mics, recorded silly YouTube videos, and released an album entitled Our Lady of Perpetual Hammer in 2021.