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If You've Given Up on Love, Then Let's Call it Something Else

“Really strong, unsentimental songwriting (mostly by Libby Hortop) that is very refreshing; sometimes surprising, sometimes funny and on this album, engaged in exploring alternate ways of conducting relationships. Great singing and imaginative harmonising that is always compelling in its own right. And is there any other duo in this world that uses autoharp and 12 string guitar? I think not. Libby and Cal unswervingly do their own thing and it is great."

- James Stephens

“A new album by Ottawa-based folk duo Libby & Cal is reshaping the musical conversation around love. Released on Oct. 29, If You’ve Given Up on Love, then Let’s Call It Something Else explores “alternative” forms of love. The duo sings about non-monogamy, LGBTQ+ representation, and unhappy relationships.”

- Zenith Wolfe, Kitchissippi Times

“Excellent album I picked up last Bandcamp Friday: a baker's dozen of fresh takes on love and lust, with a cool sonic palette and cunning linguistic touches aplenty. They had me at the idea of pairing auto-harp with 12-string, but the songs are as individual as the choice of instruments, and hold together as An Album rather than just an assortment of songs... “

- Patrick Hutchinson

“Great job on the album! Up on a Hill could have been written 500 years ago (or in 500 years) and would still be a contemporary classic… Great harmonies. They unfold with such ease and really interesting ways.”

- Jay Williams

Our Lady of Perpetual Hammer

"We don't usually think of a 12 string guitar and autoharp as being natural pals, but the combined solo and harmony voices with these not usually paired instruments is effective and even haunting... It is interesting material, vocally, compositionally, and instrumentally."

- Nan Bovingdon


"These lyrics slay me and the harmonies make it a pretty kind of slaying."

- rorie kelly

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